[svlug] req. for network info

Cruz, John J john.j.cruz at baesystems.com
Thu May 11 07:47:51 PDT 2000

I'm planning a home Linux network.  But before I dive into this project
could the network experts please point me in the correct direction to the
following assumptions:
Is it proper to believe that one PC can be:
	a printer server?
	a file server?
	a web server?
	an email server?
	a gateway?

If these assumptions are correct, how much memory and hard disk space would
the PC required?  What clock speed should the CPU operate at?  Can I
configure the server remotely (e.g., from any connected PC via a browser or

My goal in the final phase is to have three printers connected to the
server, one Linux PC, one Windows PC, and a DSL line (or maybe a cable
modem).  The server and PC's will be interconnected with Ethernet cards and
a hub.  I will also from time to time bring my work laptop and "direct
connect" to the Windows PC for use of the printers, file server, etc.

I have read the April issue of Linux Magazine that describes a similar home
network but I need more basic information then presented.

Thank you all in advanced for your help.


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