[svlug] req. for network info

Francis Pinteric linuxdoctor at linux.ca
Thu May 11 10:03:46 PDT 2000

On 11-May-2000 Cruz, John J wrote:
> I'm planning a home Linux network.  But before I dive into this project
> could the network experts please point me in the correct direction to the
> following assumptions:
> Is it proper to believe that one PC can be:
>       a printer server?
>       a file server?
>       a web server?
>       an email server?
>       a gateway?

Oh, sure. As a matter of fact, I work for a company that does exactly that.
While our target market is the small and medium sized business, our product the
e-smith Gateway and Server fits exactly to the people who want to make their
own private little networks at home.

The software is totally GPL as well, but you can buy in a nice box with a
manual if you want.

Visit our website at www.e-smith.net.

My apologies for the blatant plug.


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