[svlug] LyX is already here, and the project is *NOT* doable

Francis Pinteric linuxdoctor at linux.ca
Thu May 11 08:56:26 PDT 2000

On 10-May-2000 J. Reeves Hall wrote:
> My discrete math professor was bent on using Word for his lecture slides and
> review sheets [snip]
> It was UGLY, and I had great difficulty
> viewing it under Linux
> (StarOffice, AbiWord, and WordPerfect all managed to screw it up - what about
> standards?). To make
> my point, I typeset one of the review sheets in LaTeX the night before an
> exam, converted it to a
> very nice-looking web page with LaTeX2HTML, and posted it to the newsgroup. I
> got at least one
> "thank you" from a Linux user, but I hope the prof saw it...

What about plain old eqn? I have used it a lot in the past and it's really easy
to learn and use. 


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