[svlug] req. for network info

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Thu May 11 08:55:52 PDT 2000

"Cruz, John J" wrote:
> I'm planning a home Linux network.  But before I dive into this project
> could the network experts please point me in the correct direction to the
> following assumptions:
> Is it proper to believe that one PC can be:
>         a printer server?
>         a file server?
>         a web server?
>         an email server?
>         a gateway?

  yes. and more.

> If these assumptions are correct, how much memory and hard disk space would
> the PC required?  What clock speed should the CPU operate at?  Can I

  I guess for a home server any old 486 would be enough for these tasks.
the disk space depends on how much stuff you want to store there
(reserve about 1GB for system/swap/tmp/applications + whatever you think
you need for your data). if you're thinking about relative importance of
various parts, I'd say that getting few scsi disks would be a good
choice (performance&reliability). 64MB RAM should be enough but of
course you can't go wrong with more...

> configure the server remotely (e.g., from any connected PC via a browser or
> telnet)?

  yes. even the X programs (GUI programs) can be displayed over the
network (and if it's over the LAN it's quite usable).

> My goal in the final phase is to have three printers connected to the
> server, one Linux PC, one Windows PC, and a DSL line (or maybe a cable
> modem).  The server and PC's will be interconnected with Ethernet cards and
> a hub.  I will also from time to time bring my work laptop and "direct
> connect" to the Windows PC for use of the printers, file server, etc.

  each of these is possible but if you don't have much unix/linux
experience it might be frustrating at times (specially if you're more
interested in getting it to work instead of having fun with setting the
system up:-) I would suggest to bring the system to one of the
installfests where you can get immediate response...

> I have read the April issue of Linux Magazine that describes a similar home
> network but I need more basic information then presented.

  IMO installfest is the best option if you need to know "what it's all
about". also, if you have the article there are probably at least
commands listed, you can get the specific info from documentation that
comes with your system (man, info) and from linux documentation project
at http://linuxdoc.org/ (for lot of tasks you can find a howto, I have
found them very helpful in the past)


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