[svlug] When does product tying stop being just an anti-trust issue and start becoming a national security issue???

Rafael raffi at linwin.com
Fri May 12 00:43:30 PDT 2000

On Thu, 11 May 2000 dfox at belvdere.vip.best.com wrote:

> > anti-trust issue, and start talking about it from a damn national
> > security issue!!!  I think that's exactly what people are missing
> Indeed. I wonder how many .gov and .mil sites were hit by this
> latest virus. Of course, as that article I pointed people to 
> yesterday says, why was a 'secure' computer with military sensitive
> information being used as an email machine anyway?
> > Really, where does this end?  I mean, we have yet to see a REALLY
> > DESTRUCTIVE macro virus yet!  What happens when it hits?!?!?!
> There have been some that IIRC would format or erase the data on 
> your drives. That's destructive enough.

This is new era. '*.gov' is GPLing their "secrets."


Of course, there was a military ship towed due to it's computer
problems... Maybe this will bring the era of peace on Earth. Give windoze
to all militants of this world and watch them crash.

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