[svlug] peering - was GOOD source for web-based email

Alvin Oga alvin at planet.fef.com
Thu May 11 16:45:05 PDT 2000

hi ya jc...


> > anybody have a list of the so called tier1 and tier2
> > etc..etc...???  ii started making one w/ an itty-bitty
> > script...but it grow exponentially
> The distinction betwene Tier 1 and Tier2 is rapidly becoming
> meaningless.  The name of the game currently is peering, not how big
> a pipe you have coming into your site, or even necessarily how close
> you are to MAE.  Who do you peer with?  How many other local
> networks are your peered with?  How well are they peered?  What is
> the bandwidth of your peering connections?  Effectively, what is the
> size, spread, and thoroughness of your peering network?

but if   xxx.net  peers with yyy.net ...xxx customers provide
colo server for say $250/month for a "shared t1"..... and yyy's customers provide
server to yyy's 2nd level customer and than the 3rd level customer...
and than to you at $100/mon for t1 colo server....

which is better ???  I still rather be near the top of the 
list of tier1 providers

classic case of say.....he.net vs above.net.....which is better ???

alternet.net is extremely hard to peer with.... or so some people say...

and if you want to peer with some oc3 and dark fiber... in PaloAlto...
think "they'd" like to peer with ya...

and i want to be far from mae-west as possible....
and most major national isp have their own fiber... that bypass mae-xxx

what i consider major tier1 providers...
uu.net(alternet.net), sprint.net, gte.net(barrnet), aol.com(ans.net),

and now newer tier1 carriers?? ....cw.net, quest.net, level3,net,
msn.net, att.net, verio.net(ntt), above.net, ????
basically any telephone or cable company now.... 

and NTT ( japan ) just bought(not closed yet?) ....verio.net(best.com)

it'd be interesting to see the old "tier1" and the new tier1 carriers
and who gets connected to who... and its traffic patterns

c ya

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