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Tin Le tin at le.org
Thu May 11 15:43:23 PDT 2000


> THe problem I see with this technology is that :

> 1/ It can only be used for LAN or small MAN, otherwise the beam will
> go into space. ( the earth is not flat ). But that's ok because it
> is there market segment.

This is a limitation all wire-less technology that uses the microwave
frequency range and up faces.  They pretty much require line-of-sight.

> 2/ optical network without fibers are ok if you "see" the destination 
> from the source ( i.e. no obstacle ). Ok that 's good in NY,
> where you have few nice and tall buildings but in the SV it is rather 
> flat.

Which is why TeraBeam and similar companies are targeting metropolitan
areas.  Cities have high rise blds.

> 3/ Weather interference can be avoided just by increasing the 
> modulation frequency. ( it is used with satelite communication )
> But then the signal may not be visible, i.e. it is a different 
> technology, and I may need a parabolic antenna instead of a light
> detector.

Increasing mod freq will run into bandwidth limit eventually.  The range
your equipment operate in is limited by the freq range you are assigned.
It's a trade-off.

> Also have a look at www.yipes.com they have a different approach of 
> the same market.

> What may be interesting with this techno is how fast they may be able 
> to setup a network. They may be able to setup a dynamic ( physical ) 
> network, that is configuring itself according to its current state 
> of congestion.

You've hit it on the head.  These types of technologies are aiming
for a certain niche.  They can be setup much faster than wired approach,
usually much cheaper if cost is amortized over time.  It used to be very
expensive for a pair of wireless routers (in the 20K range).  The price
has dropped a lot recently.

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