[svlug] Is there a GOOD source for web-based email?

Deirdre Saoirse deirdre at deirdre.net
Thu May 11 17:30:42 PDT 2000

On Thu, 11 May 2000, Rick Moen wrote:

> The many objections to Web-based e-mail generically include the many
> pesky forms of "active content" discussed in other threads, recently,
> plus "Web Bugs" (http://www.tiac.net/users/smiths/privacy/wbfaq.htm).
> Any halfway cautious person would sooner use POP3, if necessary (over an
> ssh tunnel).  

I disagree. If you run the server and are using something like IMP with
IMAP running binding only to localhost and are reading your mail over ssl,
why it's basically a perfect setup that solves a) webmail and b) you know
you're not going to get exploited because you control the code.

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