[svlug] NAT !~ DHCP, comparing NAT to Masquerading to Firewalls -- Re: Routing Software

Deirdre Saoirse deirdre at deirdre.net
Thu May 11 15:48:18 PDT 2000

On Wed, 10 May 2000, Ian B MacLure wrote:

> >Quoting Bryan -TheBS- Smith (thebs at theseus.com):
> >  > NT/Wolfpack on the network to do NAT).
> >      ^^^^^^^^
> >I believe you mean "Chihuahuapack".
> 	For which Marc's .sig would then be modified to read.
> 	"NT is to computing what Taco Bell is to haute cuisine"

"Here, penguin, penguin, penguin..."

OK it doesn't work as well as Leezard does in the original ads...

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