[svlug] Kingston KNE110TX ethernet card

Terrio Echavez terrio at tahanan.net
Thu May 11 02:38:58 PDT 2000

Does anyone have experience that can be shared installing the Kingston
KNE110TX ethernet card in a Linux Mandrake 7.0 distribution?  I understand
from the Kingston website http://www.kingston.com  that there is a procedure
for configuring Linux when installing Kingston EtheRx ethernet adaptors in
Mandrake Linux 7.0 that bypasses Kudzu (do nothing option) and does the
install using DrakConf as root.  I am just wondering if the "tulip" module
for the KNE110TX already exists, or if the driver needs to be downloaded
(e.g. tulip.c) and compiled.

Pac Bell will be coming over my house in a couple of weeks to do a Basic DSL
install for my Mandrake 7.0 system.  All they said was I needed was to
download the Kingston KNE110 ethernet driver for Linux prior to their
arrival.  If I need to download the tulip.c source code and compile it, how
does one do that on a Linux Mandrake 7.0 environment which looks a lot
different than the Redhat 6.1 environment that I am used to?  Is there a
place I can find dcoumentation?

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Best regards,

Terrio Echavez

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