[svlug] Routing Software

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu May 11 10:31:24 PDT 2000

Quoting Dan Copeland (dcopeland47 at yahoo.com):

> I have a Redhat 6.1 machine pieced together from old hardware serving
> as the gateway/firewall to my DSL connection.  Others on this list may
> tell you Redhat was not a good choice in terms of security but I found
> it to be more than adequate (once I turned off all the unnecessary
> services).

Eh, Linux is Linux is Linux.  Some distributions have better defaults
and are more maintenance-oriented, is all.

You'll want to keep current with maintenance upgrades, especially the
security-oriented ones:


I notice quite a few that look vital, so I'd urge your attention to the
matter, soonest.

It'd also be an excellent idea for you to consider switching to a recent
kernel:  I can't remember which one RH 6.1 used.  Some earlier kernels
were vulnerable to DoS attacks, etc.

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