[svlug] Use append="vga =XXX" in /etc/lilo.conf -- RE: Boot up penguin. - Redux - Answered

Bryan -TheBS- Smith thebs at theseus.com
Thu May 11 09:05:51 PDT 2000

Use append="vga =XXX" in /etc/lilo.conf -- RE: Boot up penguin. -
Redux - Answered

On Thu, 11 May 2000, Jan-Albert Venter wrote:
> Of course this leaves you with a post-boot VESA console, meaning less than
> wonderfull colors and text-size. If somebody knows a way to swithc the
> screen back to 80 Character mode (a linux equavilent to the dos command mode
> CO80) then this can become very nice indeed.

Either find the 60/75Hz refresh VESA mode you want and use:

in /etc/lilo.conf.  Or use something like:

*OR*  append="vga=ask"

instead to go back to either text or prompt for various
text/graphics modes.

It can get tricky, as the VESA mode may need to be in decimal, and
may also get offset by 0x200.  Quite funky stuff.

If you want the damn best frame buffer support (like 100Hz+ refresh
rates, etc...), you want to use a Matrox (Myst, Mill I/II,
G100/200/400, etc...).  It's framebuffer driver has 3 trillion
options and damn fine!

Using it myself.  1600x1200 w/the nice, big Sun 22x12 font -- very
sharp and large row/col at the same time.  Best of both worlds
(screen size and large font!).  ;->>>

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