[svlug] Routing Software

Dan Copeland dcopeland47 at yahoo.com
Wed May 10 11:28:43 PDT 2000

  I am fairly inexperienced when it comes to Linux and set up exactly
what you're describing with no real trouble (except the trouble I got
and continue to get from Pacific Bell).

  I have a Redhat 6.1 machine pieced together from old hardware serving
as the gateway/firewall to my DSL connection.  Others on this list may
tell you Redhat was not a good choice in terms of security but I found
it to be more than adequate (once I turned off all the unnecessary
services).  I have one static IP on the outward side of the firewall,
and the inward side and the other machines on my network have 10.* IP
addresses and are connected by a cheap hub.

  Anyway, as long as you can spare an even slightly modern machine
(mine's a Pentium 120) and you think you'll be able to get two ethernet
cards working in that machine and recompile its kernel (neither of
which tasks is difficult) this is the way to go.  Configuring things
like DNS and Sendmail can be difficult but you may not need to work
much with these depending on what you want to be able to do on your
local network.

  I can say that properly setting up your IPChains rules (the things
that control packet filtering and masquerading) can be daunting.  I
used a script called Seawall (http://seawall.sourceforge.net) to write
all the nasty rules for the weird stuff I need my Windoze machines to
be able to do through the firewall (e.g. PPTP VPN).  Of course, you'll
want to look over these rules yourself and understand what they're

                                                         - Dan

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