[svlug] Boot up penguin.

Jan-Albert Venter JAVenter at africon.co.za
Thu May 11 00:38:57 PDT 2000

I recently did a kernel recompile while experimenting on a RedHat 6.2 beta
I basically changed everything I understood to my preferred configuration,
and just for fun added severall extra modules. Especially in the character
devices segment. Kernel work rather buggy of course, tho I really don't care
about that, I was stress testing after all. 
But the fun  part was, about a quarter of the way through, this cute little
Tux Penguin image (graphicall) appeared on top of my screen. I  was
wondering if anybody knows how I did that :-) I wanna try it on my debian
BTW. with regard to my earlier discussion about ISDN setup, under debian
this wa about a hundred times easier than under RedHat...funny in a way.

Anyway that's my main question. Also, has anybody been able to figure out
how caldera makes that graphicall lilo bootup ? All I know is that the first
charachter in /boot/message is an ANSI code or something that swithches the
screen to graphicall mode. The rest seems to generate the image, but no luck
finding out how. That is something worth trying to do on Debian.

A.J. Venter

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