[svlug] Mapquest to find your CO - milage

Alvin Oga alvin at planet.fef.com
Wed May 10 20:55:09 PDT 2000

hi ya...

> > prefix, the star should be the location of the CO for the exchange.  Seems to
> > work in most of the cases  It's very cool!
yeah...works nice.... there is another link at mapquest that will
tell you milage ... point-to-point...

combine that info together and than you can guestimate your t1/t3/oc3
connectivity costs...since getting quotes from the baby-bells is 
hard to get a "good rate" from themmm...

t1 copper rates are regulated by fcc and puc ??? ( no price gauging ?)
and makes it easy to figure out how much the t1 will run ya for the
local loop...

- yuppers tried to write the t1 quote generator but didn't have the
 co location for pacbell...

c ya

> Seems to work. I found where my CO was, at least -- near Evelyn, a little
> north of Reed, west of Fair Oaks. I'm close to Fair Oaks and 101. Now it
> doesn't tell me specifically how far that is: I suppose I could get driv-
> ing directions from there to my house, but that wouldn't necessarily be
> "as the crow flies." What is the limit anyway? 12000 feet or something?
> Finding the link was pretty simple -- one clicks on Maps, then look for
> "other searches" near the upper left hand corner -- area code is there.

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