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Ray Olszewski ray at comarre.com
Wed May 10 11:07:35 PDT 2000

Yes. Any full-size Linux distribution (Red Hat, Slackware, Debian, Caldera
... at least a dozen more) will have this capability. NAT is done only
many-to-one, using IP Masquerading. For more information, go to
www.linuxdoc.org and read (a few clicks in)

        the Firewall HowTo
        the IP Masquerading HowTo
        the Ipchains HowTo

Taken together, they will give you a good overview of Linux's
firewall/NAT/routing acpabilities.

There are also some small Linux distributions designed for use as
*dedicated* routers. They typically work on stuff as old as a 486 with 16
megs RAM and a floppy drive. The best known is Linux Router Project
(http://lrp.c0wz.com); I think its newest version (Materhorn) even
incorporates a way to do 1-to-1 NAT'ing, though I haven't looked at it
closely enough to be sure. Others are coyote and freesco; you can track
them, and others, down through http://linux-embedded.org/ .

BTW, NAT and DHCP solve different problems; they aren't really alternatives.
NAT (in a Linux context) allows private-address LAN clients to share a
single public IP address. DHCP is a way of assigning addresses to clients by
having them request address "leases" from a DHCP server -- it works with
either private or public IP addresses. A given LAN can use either one, both,
or neither, depending on the particulars of its requirements.

At 10:21 AM 5/10/00 -0700, Andy Hilal wrote:
>For those with static IPs at home and decent connections, what's a 
>good way to run routing software on a Linux box that will give other 
>clients access? I'd prefer NAT to DHCP, just because it seems to be 
>simpler for the Mac/Win clients to have one fixed (if phony) IP 
>address than to get a dynamic one each time.
>I haven't purchased the Linux box yet, so any distributions with 
>bundled tools would be good to know of.

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