[svlug] LyX is already here, and the project is *NOT* doable anyway -- Re: WYSIWYG Latex Word Processor

Bryan -TheBS- Smith thebs at theseus.com
Wed May 10 06:51:20 PDT 2000

LyX is already here, and the project is *NOT* doable anyway -- Re: WYSIWYG Latex Word Processor

On Wed, 10 May 2000, Jan-Albert Venter wrote:
> I have an idea, perhaps what we really need in the Linux world,
> is a WYSISWYG word processor,

WYSIWYG (... what you get) is nice, WYSIWYM (... what you mean) is
better.  That's LyX (see lyx.org).

> with ms-word style features,

What features does LyX not have that MS Word does, except for those
features that violate the idea of TeX/LaTeX and text processing in
general or just add to useless time-wasting (e.g., fonts, etc...)???

LyX already does quite excellent equation and figure layouts,
headers, footers, footnotes, sidebars, etc...  I dare any MS user
to do it faster and cleaner (the later is QUITE IMPOSSIBLE!), let
alone repeat it from Word version to version!

> that saves your documents in LateX.

The problem here is that TeX/LaTeX is a STRICT, EXACT, CONSISTENT
text processing language (for 20+ years!!!).  Whereas Word is a
documents of the same.

You can convert TeX/LaTeX to SGML, RTF and other formats.

> How do you feel about this, the implementation should be
> almost simplistic using say, GTK. Is there a project like this?

LyX already exists as an XForms project.  KLyX is a KDE
implementation that lags LyX.  gLyX is underway but even farther

> If not I am seriously considdering making that my next piece o
> GPL'd work. This is of course asuming anyone would use it.

See the Gnome and KDE Office pages (start at gnome.org and kde.org
to find them).  I'd join the gLyX project and help port/convert the
code from LyX/KLyX over.

> Thinking about that, can MS-Word opend Tex/Latex files ?

You must be kiddin'?!?!?!  No offense, but I think you fail to
realize what exactly is the problem with Microsoft products in the
first place (don't hate them just because they are #1).

CASE IN POINT:  MS-Word doesn't even open previous versions of its
own documents correctly!!!  Geez!

-- TheBS

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