[svlug] DSL woes - alternatives

Alvin Oga alvin at planet.fef.com
Wed May 10 00:31:07 PDT 2000

hi ya....

for those that don't get to xfer at high speed ( > 384k/768k ) across dsl...

why not use wireless connections ??? 

am very curious about its reliability...
in rain, fog, line-of-sight etc..etc..

if the equipment runs about $1000-$1500.... you recover your costs in
abut 2 years or so...after that...its basically free... assuming that
the wireless isp is able to give you low-low-rates for wireless connections
	- i'm interested as the user and the isp side ( free to you the testors )
	  to get wireless and test it all out....

- several people earlier....weeks ago also posted about getting a "dry wire"
  ( dark cable ) ... just copper wire from pacbell to get pont-to-point 
  wire connection..... anybody out there want to find the magical pacbell
  dept that handles the sellingof just copper wire point-to-point ???
	- we need to add our own t1 driver circuit and t1 terminators/csu/dsu

c ya

> Marc Merlin wrote:
> On mar, mai 09, 2000 at 10:57:57 -0700, Christopher Young wrote:
> > > > Later I upgraded my service from the Basic rate to the Enhanced
> > > > because I wanted to register my own domain name with PBI.  I was
> > > > surprised to see my bandwidth change from 384K to 1.2M!  Guess those
> > > 
> > > Wow ... and how much more $$ is the Enhanced rate? Isn't it just $70?
> > 
> > $80 really.  Basic is $39/month, enhanced $79/month.
> For $65, you get a static IP with 1.5Mbit/128kbit from Tsoft/raw bandwidth
> (http://www.tsoft.com/).
> When pacbell doesn't disconnect my line, it works just fine :-)
> Unless  you need  5 IPs,  please do  not buy  the $80  enhanced service,  it
> validates their  screwing us over removing  the static IP from  the $40 plan
> (and their $40 plan is unfair competition  because Tsoft has to pay $40 just
> for the Pacbell DSL line, and then they charge $25 for their bandwidth.
> PacBell used  to charge $40  for the line and  $10 for the  bandwidth (which
> they would lose money on) and now they reduced the ISP side to $0 a month.
> Talk about fair competition...

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