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Tue May 9 20:18:55 PDT 2000

> If you have a mixed Windows-Linux world, it's StarOffice.  It's
> word processor, StarWord, is adequate (just like MS-Word, but I'm

I do tend to like the StarOffice suite -- the apps within it
are pretty powerful replacements for an office suite that can
cost some big bucks. They usually don't contain all the bells and
whistles (Starcalc doesn't have all the auditing and other bells
and whistles that Excel does, for instance) but then for most 
people, they don't need them. (Besides, document processing
systems can do things that the WP designers never thought of.)

WPs in general can make things easier, but usually their editing
component is far behind in capabilities than their processing
component, and whether it be Word, or WP, or what have you, 
text editing is done far more powerfully with vi :). (1)

> I find StarWord is a perfect replacement for Netscape Composer.  If
> you are using Composer chuck it and start using StarWord.  Amaya is

I haven't done much (if any) HTML editing, but I would say that
Word does not do it very well. I've personally been spammed by
a number of rather large (70K) html spams, done with Word, which
only contained a few paragraphs of text, and almost no decorations
save for one or two bolded words in the text.

You might try running your old Lotus 1-2-3 in dosemu, though.

As far as kword -- it still needs more work, as well as the
rest of koffice, but if/when finished, it does offer one 
interesting capability that I haven't seen in other office
suites, yet. For instance, let's say you're working on a document
in kword that includes a couple of table frames for a presentation.
In other suites (i.e., Word & Excel) you would typically either do
the table in Excel, and import it into Word, or do the table directly
in Word -- although the latter limits capabilities greatly when compared
to having a real spreadsheet. Kword has the capabilities of dynamically
switching to kspread -- when you focus on the table, you are running
kspread, not kword -- no exporting/importing required, either.

> -- TheBS

(1) or Emacs. OK. don't shoot. 
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