[svlug] DSL woes

Tim Pepper tpepper at vato.org
Tue May 9 13:39:24 PDT 2000

On Mon, 8 May 2000 dfox at belvdere.vip.best.com wrote:

> Hmm. I'm in civilization :), north Sunnyvale. I haven't been able
> to ascertain my distance -- they said a few times they'll send out
> someone to measure, but they haven't ever called me back.

I saw something handy in 2600 a few issues back.  I think it was
Mapquest...one of those things.  You can punch in your phone number and it'll
give you a map showing your local CO.  Pretty handy.  If you're interested I
can dig up the actual info...or just look around on the web...I'm sure it's
out there somewhere.

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