[svlug] installing linux on an ASUS laptop?

Gordon Vrololjak gvrdolja at nature.Berkeley.EDU
Tue May 9 10:10:55 PDT 2000

I was really happy with installing Mandrake linux on my laptop with their
latest release.  It detected my hardware and the installation went really
smoothly.  I tried it with redhat 6.1 and it trashed all of my other
partitions I had set up.

Anyway, I would really like to get X windows to work.  I notice that the
video is  SMI (Silicon Motion) 710 2d VGA with 4 megs of ram.  I
tried the VGA16 server, but it can't recognize any modes.  Anyone have any
pointers on setting up a default VGA xwindows system, or even a monoserver
with this display card?  

I also noticed that Silicon motion has some support for linux now.  They
have a driver I downloaded for their Lynx Family Software - but it does
not say explicitely if it is the 710 card.  They have no direct line to
tech support, so I can't find out if this is the correct file.  Anyone
have some advice?
Thanks for the help.

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