[svlug] Re: It also has DocBook support -- Re: Framemaker on Linux

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Mon May 8 20:02:58 PDT 2000

Ian B MacLure wrote:
> TheBS>(AmiPro 3.1 was my #1, too bad Lotus killed it).
> Yup, worked fine for me for years and with Wine or VMWare still would
> probably.

I've got a VMWare config/disk for Windows 3.1 just for AmiPro 3.1. 
Doesn't ever seem to crash (although I haven't written too much

Word 97 SR-2a crashes once every 30 minutes.  I wrote ~80 pages for
Samba Unleashed in ~100 hours and had no less than ~20 crashes, 2
resulted in complete destructions of both the .doc and .bak files
(and I did have "fast/background saves" OFF and "create backups"
ON).  The only reason I survived is because I stop every 15 minutes,
copy the files and backups to 2 different systems (that I am NOT
currently working on) and use Xdelta to reverse binary delta the
file locally on the system.

Not exactly "mission critical software" IMHO.  ;->>>

-- TheBS

P.S.  Unfortunately, Ami Pro doesn't work well in WINE.  Oh well.

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