[svlug] It also has DocBook support -- Re: Framemaker on Linux

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Mon May 8 19:58:02 PDT 2000

Rick Moen wrote:
> Reportedly, IBM found out that Lotus was producing useful software for
> OS/2, and therefore had to buy them, to put an end to that.

Sometimes they make me wonder!

Anyhoo, with WordPro, IBM/Lotus removed the ease and feature set
that we loved with AmiPro and put a MS-Word-like face and a bloat in
code that even Microsoft couldn't even match.

I've tried working on IBM to get AmiPro 3.1's source (under any
license, even with a NDA!) to no avail.  They are harder to talk to
than Sun.

AmiPro, it may have not had the feature set of FrameMaker, but damn
was it 10x easier to use and did almost everything I needed for
technical publications.  I really try to live without a word
processor today, and use text, HTML or other markup for everything.

Word has bitten me too many times and the last one I used was Word
95.  I spent the ~15 hours to convert my Word 95 techdoc template to
Word 97, but I have yet to use it seriously -- mainly because it
keeps reformatting my styles and moving crap around when it
shouldn't.  What a waste of productivity!!!

I am moving to LyX (tried KLyX, which is seriously several versions
behind LyX), and axiously await KWord which will be a frame-layout
processor like AmiPro/FrameMaker.  I've played with AbiWord to much
disappointment, but I'm biased, I have traditional word processors
(so I'm not going to buy WordPerfect either).

-- TheBS

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