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Tue May 9 02:55:48 PDT 2000

On Tue, May 09, 2000 at 08:30:03AM +0200, Jan-Albert Venter wrote:
> The biggest problem with html mail, the reason most Linux users don't send
> them, and most LUG-mailing lists fobid them, is that they are a flagrant
> waste of bandwith, that many of us don't have. 

I'd tend to disagree.  For reasonable (non-MSFT) HTML, there's maybe an
extra 10% overhead for tags and such.  Netscape's actually a major
contributor in this regard as its default mailer config (integrated in
its browser) is for HTML messages.  If a message contains a linked image
or other content, this is often orders of magnitude larger than the
textual portion.

Rather, the problem with HTML IOMO, particularly on archives lists and
newsgroups, is that archives themselves rapidly become difficult to
manage given various poorly- (or often in-) compatible message formats.
Even badly generated HTML isn't usually so much large as it is a mess to

> The virii problems on windows
> machines, is just the next part. With smart use of activeX code, it might
> indeed be possible to write a virus that contains no attachments, and merely
> needs to be opened. 

Been done:


> See you for next years great virus atack....

...you really think it will take that long?

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