[svlug] DSL woes

Derek J. Balling dredd at megacity.org
Mon May 8 23:20:50 PDT 2000

the beep has to be audible, and when they hear it (every 10-15 
seconds I believe is the mandated time frame) they'll simply ask: "Is 
this conversation being recorded?", to which you must (legally) say 
"Yes", at which point they'll release the call.

Having been the guy in the call center pushing "RLS", I can say that 
with near certainty. :)


At 2:10 AM -0400 5/9/00, Bill Jonas wrote:
>On Mon, 8 May 2000, Derek J. Balling wrote:
>>I've been told that (if you INFORM the PacHell rep you are taping the call)
>>they are instructed to hang up.
>>This jives with what I know from when I worked at GTE-North (serving the
>>Midwest Region) several years ago, as they had a similar policy.
>Heh, then don't tell 'em.  Just get one of those devices that will play
>a soft beep every 15 seconds (or whatever's required by law in your neck
>of the woods).
>Of course, this is use-at-your-own-peril legal advice coming from a
>non-lawyer.  :)
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