[svlug] DSL woes

Karen Shaeffer shaeffer at best.com
Mon May 8 23:20:54 PDT 2000

> Re: Terabeam
> My understanding is that they have problem with inclement weather.  The
> technology is more restrictive than even microwave.  This is because the
> laser will experience interference with particles in the air.  Their press
> release kinda mumble...mumble... on the problem with fog and rain.  Funny
> thing is, TeraBeam is base in Seattle, where fog happens often :-).
> Tin Le
---end quoted text---

You got that right. Useful microwave wavelengths are several orders of
magnitude longer--and far better suited for point-to-point unguided

If you want gigabit network connectivity, then just call
up PCOM in Campbell. They'll fix you up with point-to-point microwave
repeaters. They already exist and are far more robust in adverse
conditions. Ohh, and if you have to ask what it cost, then it cost
too much. ;)

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