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My off-list response to Marc was that he take this issue to the CPUC, as
well as the CEO of PacBell (Edward Whitacre, Jr., 58 Chairman, CEO), and
local (and, WTF, national) media.  Copies to state and national
representatives wouldn't hurt either.  Fire under the appropriate asses.

While I wouldn't expect PacBell or the CPUC to take actions based on a
single person's commentary, media can have a rather strong lens effect.

Incidentally, I was talking with Marc after the last SVLUG meeting about
a new wireless technology based on line-of-sight laser networks, with 2
gbps capacity.  Company name is TeraBeam, I ran across them in an
article in the Economist.  While it's not there yet, I'd say it's damned
interesting sounding technology, and has the possibility of greatly
reducing the power of landline-based bandwidth providers.


and possibly, from the Economist's archive:


On Mon, May 08, 2000 at 02:40:50AM -0700, Steve M Bibayoff wrote:
> Just a little info I learned a few weeks ago from a Pac Bell rep who
> wasn't suppose to tell (this info may not be true, I haven't checked yet),
> is Pac Bell is requesting from the PUC to expand their service and in
> order to do that they must reduce their complaints to the PUC to almost
> zero. So I was tolded if yuo write both Pac Bell and PUC a letter
> complaining about service, you will get an immediate response, response
> being they'll fix the problem. 
> Some info that may be helpful
> Steve
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