[svlug] DSL woes

William Black wjblack at yahoo.com
Mon May 8 15:31:02 PDT 2000

This grocery list of problems is no surprise to me at
all.  After dealing with installs for about 25 of my
users, about 1/2 of them have had some kind of problem
that takes > 2 weeks to resolve.

The worst part is that we have a business account rep
(we have ~50 employees that use PacBell DSL for remote
access), and it's really no better.  In far too many
cases the right hand not only doesn't know what the
left is doing, but it doesn't know what the right
wrist, elbow, or shoulder is doing either.  After 2
1/2 months of botched attempts to get PacBell DSL
working at my apartment including missed install
dates, wiring screwups, and unconscienably bad service
both by phone and by tech, I gave up.  It was tough to
get ATT at Home working just right, largely due to a bad
business decision on their part to hire unproven
contractors for many of their installs (it took about
a month and a couple of trips out to get it up), but
since it's been up it's been rock solid.

It's also been without the routing and other
"newbie-ISP" problems that are epidemic on the PacBell
network.  Don't get me wrong--I hate the Draconian
policies that @Home has--but I've been really happy
with the service in that it does indeed work.


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