[svlug] List digest problems?

Tim Pepper tpepper at vato.org
Mon May 8 15:10:51 PDT 2000

I know I'm being flamebair by admiting this, but I use Pine for email.  Gasp.
Hey at least I have the editor set to vim.

Anyway since the recent change in format of the digest mailing for this list
Pine is puking on the list mailings.  Everything is showing up, but the
formatting is causing pine headaches.  The contents of each digest is broken
into a whole bunch of attachments and the pine fails to find all of the
message bodies giving the following error:

[Error: Can't find body for requested message]

For each body.  The bodies are actually there if I save the entire message to
a file and open it up...pine's just not finding them.

Anybody know why this would be occuring?  I guess I should see if there's a
newer pine around and if that makes a difference.  I'm guessing there's either
something malformed in the multipart mime stuff or else pine is
misinterpreting it.  At any rate I know this will just fuel those who've been
pushing me to use mutt for years.

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