[svlug] DSL woes

Derek J. Balling dredd at megacity.org
Mon May 8 14:55:15 PDT 2000

At 09:46 AM 5/8/00 -0700, Seth David Schoen wrote:
>Derek J. Balling writes:
> > I called the PUC to complain about PacBell constantly missing their
> > own repair deadlines for my service. The PUC's answer (I kid you not,
> > I asked two different PUC people the same question) is that I have to
> > get a confirmed appointment -- IN WRITING -- from PacBell, before
> > they will be able to take action, because essentially, they go "oh
> > its your word against theirs, do you have any documentation?" They
> > also kindly pointed out that I couldn't (legally) record my
> > conversations with PacBell to document their claims (gotta love the
> > Peoples' Republic of California).
>What if you opened your conversation with
>         To ensure the quality of your service, this call may be
>         recorded.
>followed by fifteen seconds of music?

I've been told that (if you INFORM the PacHell rep you are taping the call) 
they are instructed to hang up.

This jives with what I know from when I worked at GTE-North (serving the 
Midwest Region) several years ago, as they had a similar policy.


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