[svlug] Thank you Rick!!! -- Re: FUD -- Louderback/ZDTV

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Mon May 8 05:17:51 PDT 2000

Rick Moen wrote:
> But, of course, the boneheaded default access mode in RH 6.2's "Piranha"
> package was _not_ a backdoor.  It was a front-door.  Unlocked, and
> slightly ajar.

Thank you Rick!!!

Still not as bad as the fact that you can hit ESC at the Windows 9x
login screen.  God, it's a password you must remember to set! 

> But, of course, this was _not_ a deficiency in Linux at all.  It was a
> stupid default setting in an optional package from one distribution
> packager.

Yep!  No Linux hole.  Just a stupid move on RedHat's part.

> Louderbach of course purports to be massively confused on this point.
> Which you can elect to either believe or not -- making it either
> carelessness or (more) trolling on his part.
> But neither is exactly surprising.

ZD, with exception of Sm at rt Reseller (you know, their only freak'n
publication where they have to be responsible because the industry
of selling systems and support don't want BS but the truth!), is one
of the most irresponsible media outlets I have ever seen.  Too bad
CIOs listen to them.

-- TheBS

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