[svlug] DSL woes

Christopher Young cyoung at www.ckynet.net
Mon May 8 11:43:16 PDT 2000

I just wanted to share my own personal experience with PacBell DSL
after reading Marc's story (mine is good in comparison).

I live in Boulder Creek, out in the sticks, in the vast beyond, if the
trees revolted the human beings wouldn't stand a chance.  So at any
rate I didn't think my chances for DSL would be good anyway.  

The first time I called PacBell they did a check on my location and
said 'sorry, no, you live outside the 20,000 foot radius of the CO'.

For whatever reason I called again a couple months later.  Instead of
saying no they said they'd send someone out to do a test and lo and
behold, it passed for the basic service (384K down, 128K up).

The one hiccup in the install is that one guy came out to the house a
week early to do some prep work.  When I got home that night I had no
phone service.  I was about to call PacBell on the cell when I thought
I'd take a look to see if I could ascertain any damage.  PacBell has a
box on the side of the house that is split.  Half accessible to the
customer, the other half secured by a simple circle lock thang.  Well
sure enough the RJ11 plug that connected the house wiring to the
PacBell punch down was left unplugged.  The service guy neglected to
reattach it. 

The guy who came the next week to install the splitter and give me the
DSL router was fine.  He explained what he was doing and completed the
work inside of 2 hours.  

Later I upgraded my service from the Basic rate to the Enhanced
because I wanted to register my own domain name with PBI.  I was
surprised to see my bandwidth change from 384K to 1.2M!  Guess those
lines from the CO are just fine even at my distance.  I still have the
128K up.

So there was a couple hiccups but overall I've been very satisfied
with my DSL service.  Since then I've setup my own gateway as a name
server but haven't bother trying to changing the registration to point
to my own static IP instead of PacBell's.

I have no desire to use @home at all since they state clearly that
they have no intention of supporting home servers.  One fallout of
this is that I understand it is impossible to get a static IP from
Excite at home and that everything runs from DHCP.


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