[svlug] PCMCIA ethernet reccomendations

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon May 8 11:43:36 PDT 2000

Quoting Paul Keser (from work) (paul at keser.com):

> I've had good luck with 3Com as well.  Both the 575 & 3c589.  I would
> avoid the LAN/Modem cards.  Had trouble (haven't tried since I did the
> rc mods tho) with both the 10MB/33bps card and the 10/100/56kv90 cards.

Combo cards always seem to give me trouble, often failing to ID during
one's Linux install.  Workaround:

Using a working Linux laptop, insert the candidate card and do (as root) 
a "cardctl ident".  Write down the "product info" ID strings and
"manfid" addresses.

Boot your installer's ramdisk, and proceed to PCMCIA initialisation.
Open a shell, and, using whatever editor is available during
installation, fix the ramdisk's /etc/pcmcia/config file to correctly
reference your card's "product info" string for one of the device
entries.  You may need to experiment, to make this work.

The above is a considerable pain in the neck, so it's better if possible
to use a non-combo card for installation, if necessary upgrade Card
Services, and only then swap in your combo card.

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