[svlug] PCMCIA ethernet reccomendations

Paul Keser (from work) paul at keser.com
Mon May 8 11:14:47 PDT 2000

I've had good luck with 3Com as well.  Both the 575 & 3c589.  I would
avoid the LAN/Modem cards.  Had trouble (haven't tried since I did the
rc mods tho) with both the 10MB/33bps card and the 10/100/56kv90 cards.

I would recommend starting pcmcia early.  I edited:

/etc/rc3.d/S45pcmcia to /etc/rc3.d/S04pcmcia
/etc/rc5.d/S45pcmcia to /etc/rc5.d/S04pcmcia

and now my ethernet cards come up everytime.  This change also helped my
PCMCIA SCSI card as well.


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