[svlug] DSL woes

Derek J. Balling dredd at megacity.org
Mon May 8 06:48:16 PDT 2000

>Just a little info I learned a few weeks ago from a Pac Bell rep who
>wasn't suppose to tell (this info may not be true, I haven't checked yet),
>is Pac Bell is requesting from the PUC to expand their service and in
>order to do that they must reduce their complaints to the PUC to almost
>zero. So I was tolded if yuo write both Pac Bell and PUC a letter
>complaining about service, you will get an immediate response, response
>being they'll fix the problem.
>Some info that may be helpful

I can say I've been down this road already. I've lived in MANY 
states, but let me just say, here and now, that the CPUC is somewhere 
between "useless" and "oxygen thieves".

I called the PUC to complain about PacBell constantly missing their 
own repair deadlines for my service. The PUC's answer (I kid you not, 
I asked two different PUC people the same question) is that I have to 
get a confirmed appointment -- IN WRITING -- from PacBell, before 
they will be able to take action, because essentially, they go "oh 
its your word against theirs, do you have any documentation?" They 
also kindly pointed out that I couldn't (legally) record my 
conversations with PacBell to document their claims (gotta love the 
Peoples' Republic of California).

So this begs the NEXT question... are their competitive dial-tone 
providers in the Bay Area? I know Covad does CLEC-based DSL, but are 
there CLEC's doing residential dial-tone?


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