[svlug] Horribly slow connections to a RH 6.2 box?

Rafael raffi at linwin.com
Mon May 8 00:18:57 PDT 2000

On Sat, 6 May 2000, Adrian Blakey wrote:

> I have a couple of RH6.2 machines on a LAN. The LAN is a couple of 3 COM
> superstack switched hubs, with about 30 NT boxes on it.
> If I try to telnet to either Linux box from NT, the connection either
> times out or takes at least 3 minutes to connect. The Linux machines are
> not running very much work, so getting CPU is not an issue.
> Any ideas what is going on? Is all the NetBIOS traffic on the LAN
> killing me?

Not from that little number of machines. Check your network config.
netmask, broadcast, etc. in /etc/sysconfig. Make sure you have default
route. Check /etc/resolv.conf, hosts, and log files in /var/log.

test with

and their options. See if your hubs are showing collisions or too much

I hope you are not runing DHCP. If you do then make sure your machines get
unique IPs.

Good luck,


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