[svlug] serial module: pre/post-install does not work

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Sun May 7 12:36:14 PDT 2000

  on a debian unstable + three serial ports (one of them internal modem
on /dev/ttyS2) I have following lines in /etc/modules.conf:

post-install serial /etc/init.d/setserial modload > /dev/null 2>
pre-remove serial /etc/init.d/setserial modsave  > /dev/null 2>

  the two commands save and load serial options to/from file
/var/run/setserial.conf, however they are not executed when the module
is loaded or removed (either automatically or by insmod/rmmod) [or they
are executed but fail]

  both commands work fine when I execute them from command line (they
set up the serial port properly and save valid configuration)

  how do I debug this? any ideas what's going on?


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