[svlug] Viruses (was: virus FUD)

Jonathan Cobb jonathan at hardcorejon.com
Sat May 6 23:06:24 PDT 2000

To further criticize the author of the linuxplanet article:

>      What's worse is that there is almost no way of avoiding opening
>      HTML e-mail, at least in Netscape Messenger.... So HTML mail has
>      some ugly side effects, and they are largely the same on Linux 
>      as they are in Windows. 

Hmmm... and these "ugly side effect" would be?  Besides slow loading
times, and (if you haven't disabled JavaScript) the occasional annoying
popup window, are there any real hazards to viewing HTML?  Any more than
you'd have surfing to the same page in your main browser window?  I
doubt it.  Most of the really nasty holes in JavaScript have been
plugged -- like the one in NN2 that allowed a form with a "mailto"
action to post itself to the originating webserver, thus giving the
server your email address! -- so even JavaScript is pretty safe these

I'd be curious if anyone else knows of any significant "ugly side
effects" that can be perpetrated by simple HTML/JavaScript.

 - jonathan.

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