[svlug] Able to connect out but not in?

Adrian Blakey ajb at alameda.net
Thu May 4 16:48:48 PDT 2000

OK I found it -- it was as usual pure stupidity, I transposed 2 digits
in the DNS map of the machine's IP address. I did a traceroute to the
machine name and it ended up somewhere in Atlanta -- duh.

Ray Olszewski wrote:
> OK. If you can't ping, I assume the problem is more widespread than an inetd
> failure (my usual first thought when these asymmetric failures occur). Are
> you trying to make incoming connections from another host on the same LAN or
> from someplace offsite? If the second, and if you really did nothing to the
> RH 5.2 host, I'd suspect a change in firewalling rules.
> For anything more that than, we (or at least I) need some details to think
> about.
> A change from RH 5.2 to RH 6.2 (your other message) introduces any number of
> changes, of course.
> At 11:46 AM 5/4/00 -0700, Adrian Blakey wrote:
> >I have a host the is running RH 5.2 (2.0.36) that up until recently was
> >perfect. Within the last week I can no longer make any form of inbound
> >TCP/IP connection -- I can not even ping the box. I am however perfectly
> >able to telnet out and ping any host on the net.
> >
> >I just swapped the NIC to make sure it was not hardware.
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