[svlug] Re: [svlug]how to copy a bunch of "." files?

Jeffrey B. Siegal jbs at quiotix.com
Sun May 7 20:35:19 PDT 2000

dfox at belvdere.vip.best.com wrote:
> I find the backquotes cleaner than
> the find(1) syntax


> -- it's not that obvious, and you got to make sure
> that the {} is in the right place, quoted, so that it doesn't get eaten
> by the shell, and so on.

I prefer using xargs all the time so I don't have to deal with these
issues.  My standard find/xargs  invokation looks:

find ... -print0|xargs -0 command

> Nevertheless, though, the command line limit will
> sooner or later be too small, but that really depends on what you're doing.

On Linux the command line limit tends to be quite large, so this doesn't
happen much anyway.

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