[svlug] More on Outlook "security"

Jeffrey B. Siegal jbs at quiotix.com
Sat May 6 10:47:32 PDT 2000

An email appears in Microsoft Outlook's in-box. Even before the computer
user does anything, a message pops up on the screen. 

"Had this been a real virus, you would not be happy," it reads. The
relieved user clicks "OK," and another box pops up. 

Deleting hard drive now...Just kidding," it says. 

This message circulating around the Internet is the work of one Leigh
Stivers, chief code architect for software firm DP Technology. He's
trying to draw attention to a security hole in Microsoft's Outlook and
Outlook Express programs that is potentially far more dangerous than the
now ubiquitous "I Love You" virus. 


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