[svlug] LoveLetter reporting -- Microsoft, not computer, virus

Charlie Blanchard charlie at blanchardsite.com
Sat May 6 10:17:44 PDT 2000

On Sat, May 06, 2000 at 12:05:00PM -0500, Howard S Shubs wrote:
> >   ``In this case the virus author chose to target Outlook probably
> >   because it gave him better reach,'' he said. ``There isn't a security
> >   vulnerability in Outlook involved in this at all,'' Culp said.
> Totally clueless, with that final statement.

I respectfully beg to differ! NOT clueless at all - this is a
fine example of M$ FUD on steroids. The clueless are the pathetic
media that propagate the 'gospel according to Bill'...

charlie blanchard
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