[svlug] My Box just reboots

Jean-Marc Libs libs at cybercable.tm.fr
Sat May 6 04:26:53 PDT 2000

On Fri, 5 May 2000, Justin F. Knotzke wrote:

>        I am getting the oddest error when doing a build (any build). After a certain period of 
> time the box simply reboots all by itself. No core dump, no segfault, nothing in my logs,
> simply a reboot.
>       The box is a Debian machine running 2.2.13 on a AMD K6 400 with 128megs or RAM. It was
> my development box and worked fine as such. I then switched it to be my CVS server and other
> Net related needs and hadn't needed to do another build.

Nothing definite here, but this raises memories of a discussion I had
with a friend last wee-end :
He got bit by problems with a pretty busy cvs server, and tracked it
down to a cvs server bug related to memory not being properly deallocated.
If it is not too impractical for you to shut down your cvs server, you
may want to try and see if you still experience reboots when you do
a build.

Just a random suggestion, HTH,
Jean-Marc Libs

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