[svlug] LDAP server and IMP

Ubaldo Lescano ulescano at tsi.com.pe
Fri May 5 15:39:19 PDT 2000

Hi all!

I'm working with imp-2.0.11, horde-1.0.11, and Red Hat 6.2, i'm trying to
implement a solution with LDAP server but not like a contact server,  i  explain
my idea:

When i configured IMP, in defaults.php3, the variable from_server is a constant,
but if I put a LDAP server, these variable doesn't have to be execute.

Well, in LDAP server i have any domains and I need that the user when loggin in
to the server and send the email, these email have the right domain.

I saw ALL the FAQ and the olds emails but I don't have a solution to my problem.

Any one have a solution or a idea?



P/D In the IMP mailing  list anybody answered me.

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