[svlug] LoveLetter reporting -- Microsoft, not computer, virus

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Thu May 4 16:05:23 PDT 2000

Jeffrey B. Siegal writes:

> When contacting the press via legacy technologies here are a couple of
> issue to suggest they investigate:
> 1. Why, despite multiple occurances of such viruses, does Microsoft
> refuse to remove the ill-conceived and poorly designed "features" which
> allow such viruses to exist?

They're pretty serious about that:

   ``Viruses are really an industry-wide issue,'' said Scott Culp,
   program manager for Microsoft's security response center. ''They can
   be written for any platform. They can be written to use a variety of
   e-mail clients.

   ``In this case the virus author chose to target Outlook probably
   because it gave him better reach,'' he said. ``There isn't a security
   vulnerability in Outlook involved in this at all,'' Culp said.


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