[svlug] My Box just reboots

Rafael raffi at linwin.com
Fri May 5 21:05:09 PDT 2000

On Fri, 5 May 2000, Justin F. Knotzke wrote:

>        I am getting the oddest error when doing a build (any build).
> After a certain period of time the box simply reboots all by itself.
> No core dump, no segfault, nothing in my logs, simply a reboot.
>       The box is a Debian machine running 2.2.13 on a AMD K6 400 with
> 128megs or RAM. It was my development box and worked fine as such. I
> then switched it to be my CVS server and other Net related needs and
> hadn't needed to do another build.
>       Anyone have any ideas what would cause a box to continually
> reboot everytime I perform a build or what I could do to maybe trap
> the error?

Whats the memory usage? I assume you have X runing. Try to limit the
number of processes, perhaps compiling without X. Have enough swap space?

run a script that dumps 'ps aux', vmstat, or procinfo into a file every
few seconds.

Additionaly you could run memory tests, intensive RW to HDD, etc. to make
sure hardware is OK.

compiling in old days with Teletypes as terminals made it easier in that
respect leaving a trail on the paper while you could tell what's going on
by the pattern of lights on the front panel :-)

I miss PDP-8 and PDP-11/70 front panels :-)

>       I have had other boxes sig 11 on me during a build but never
> just flat out reboot on it's own..
>         Thanks
> 	Justin.
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