[svlug] FUD: Are Linux Users Sloppy?

dfox@belvdere.vip.best.com dfox at belvdere.vip.best.com
Fri May 5 18:10:10 PDT 2000

> JCL could be complicated.  That was nothing compared to the 360/370
> Assembler macros that they translated to, even for the simple stuff.
> Those were the things that the NT I/O functions reminded me of.

Certainly. I've seen some stuff. Besides, 370 assembler was pretty
OK, but their macro language was quite complicated compared to other
assemblers with equivalent functionality -- it was designed to be
strange. (I still find macros in gnu 'as' to be confusing, as well.) :)

> No, they don't.  But a lot of UNIX folks do pipe(), fork(),
> and exec() - easily.  Try doing the equivalent in WIN32 on NT.

No argument there. 

> But that's what I thought a lot of Linux distributions now offer.
> Are client installs not being exercised?  Is the lure of server

I figure most want to get everything they can out of the package --
they've come to the conclusion that Linux is better because it can
do more than NT, and expect more bells and whistles to be turned on
and functional. Examine some of the arguments we're suppling to the
NT community -- more stable, able to handle more connections by far 
than an equivalent NT setup, more services, can handle multiple 
tasks more smoothly, built-in networking, etc. Linux may have a
better desktop (with gnome/kde) but that doesn't seem to be brought
up nearly as much.

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