[svlug] My Box just reboots

Justin F. Knotzke shampoo at cam.org
Fri May 5 13:51:22 PDT 2000

       I am getting the oddest error when doing a build (any build). After a certain period of 
time the box simply reboots all by itself. No core dump, no segfault, nothing in my logs,
simply a reboot.

      The box is a Debian machine running 2.2.13 on a AMD K6 400 with 128megs or RAM. It was
my development box and worked fine as such. I then switched it to be my CVS server and other
Net related needs and hadn't needed to do another build.

      Anyone have any ideas what would cause a box to continually reboot everytime I perform a
build or what I could do to maybe trap the error?

      I have had other boxes sig 11 on me during a build but never just flat out reboot on
it's own..


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