[svlug] LoveLetter reporting -- Microsoft, not computer, virus

Joey Hess joey at kitenet.net
Fri May 5 11:23:23 PDT 2000

kmself at ix.netcom.com wrote:
> But in GNU/Linux's favor are paranoia, heterogeneity, and limited
> user-space privileges.  Paranoia means you don't assume an executable is
> safe to be executed, and you certainly don't do anything so stupid as to
> run the bloody thing without specifically requesting it.  

Hands up, everyone who has installed a third-party .rpm or .deb which
you did not download directly from your distributor or someone you trust
with root access on your system.

Hands up, everyone who has run a 2 thousand line ./configure script
without auditing the whole thing.

> but MS Word opened the file with full macro capabilities.  GNU/Linux by
> contrast uses magic (the first few bytes) of a file to determine its
> type.  This can make a directory listing take a few seconds longer for a
> particularly large directory (/usr/doc under my Debian system, with 926
> entries), but identifies files as they truly are, not as they purport
> to be.

Er, no. /usr/doc takes forever to list because ext2 does not scale well
to lots of files in a directory. ls uses extentions, not file magic.

Ok, you can all put your hands down now.

see shy jo

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