(Fwd) Re: [svlug] LoveLetter reporting -- Microsoft, not compu

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri May 5 10:12:41 PDT 2000

Quoting Walter Reed (walt at hubinternet.com):

> This is a nice little set of scripts which helps sanitize some 
> of the garbage emails floating around....
> http://www.wolfenet.com/~jhardin/procmail-security.html

Why bother?  If your Unix-based e-mail system lacks enough capacity
to handle the temporary load surge from people so stupid that they
run suspicious executables received in the mail, maybe you just need to
add some more disk or RAM.  

That load problem should abate, however, as Papa Darwin takes a hand in

Cheers,        "Linux means never having to delete your love mail."
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